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June 29, 2022 | 8:34 AM
Philippine Standard Time


Barangay Officials Loan Assistance (BOLA)

A personal loan extended to qualified Barangay Officials.

Loan Purpose

  • Financial Assistance for startup and additional capital for Micro Business
  • To Finance livelihood projects to augment financial needs

Term and Conditions

  • Maximum Loan Term – 3 years
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – P 500,000.00



Individual Credit with Automated Repayments (I-CARE) is a personal loan extended to regular employees with automated payroll

Purpose of Loan

  • Financial access to employees to supplement financial needs through livelihood activities.
  • To support the financial needs of the borrower wherein the security is the client’s salary and ATMs

Terms and Condition

  • Maximum Term Loan – 2 years
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – P 300,000.00


Real Estate Loan (REM)

Loans secured by real property such as land, building, and other structures supported by with a contract (REM) where the borrower secures the fulfillment of the obligation by legally recognizing the banks as having preferential right over a specific real estate property

Purpose of Loan

  • For building construction and land development
  • To finance purchase of land, family homes, apartments and other multifamily structures, commercial structure and others

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum Loan Term – 10 years
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – P 5,000,000.00


Motor Vehicle Loan (MOVE)

Chattel mortgage financing for individual or corporation who intends to purchase brand new or surplus vehicles.

Purpose of Loan

  • To provide financial facility to any qualified individual or business entity who are interested in acquiring brand new motor vehicle.

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum Loan Term – 5 years
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – P 1,500,000.00


Jewelry Loan

Type of loan using jewelry as collateral

Purpose of Loan

  • To provide a fast and easy loan option for clients to sustain their financial needs.

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms of Loan
    • 1 Month Term
    • 3 Months Redemption
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