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March 24, 2023 | 4:32 AM
Philippine Standard Time

Kabalikat ang RBGI sa Kasaganahan at Kahirapan

Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc. aims not only to cater clients for financial transactions but to extend social development work and collaborate with community-based organizations and institutions in their efforts to promote a fair, warmhearted and humane society by providing simple assistance as consolation to lessen their burdens and mental anguish to give credence having someone to TRUST and to HOLD-ON during fortuitous event.

A helping hand and blissful heart among Administrators, Management and Staff as enforcer of this endeavor

       ADVISORY!! To all ASENSO Mobile App Users: Please be informed that ASENSO Mobile App maintenance is now completed. Kindly update the app to version 1.2.3. In case you encounter problems during updating, we recommend you to clear the cache and data of your ASENSO app and google playstore or app store in your device. We apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. Thank you.    IMMEDIATE HIRING! RBGI is in need of applicants for the following positions: Branch Managers | Supervisors | HR Specialists | Bank Tellers | Account Officers. Interested applicants may submit their application documents to RBGI - HRDM Main Office, Mabini Street, Poblacion, Guinobatan, Albay. For more details, please reach us through email: